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 MDM Brains Trust for Women Senior Leaders

Seniority in business is often coupled with isolation, which compromises wellbeing, decision making and subsequently leadership effectiveness. As organisations continue to look for efficiencies, senior leaders often find themselves juggling operational, people and strategic priorities, without effective support.

Research shows:

  • Women with a well-connected female inner circle find jobs that are 2.5 times higher in authority and pay
  • High performing individuals have an array of role models, sponsors and mentors
  • Social connection is the greatest predictor of thriving personally and professionally, the strongest predictor of wellbeing and optimism, the greatest buffer against depression, and one of the most significant predictors of long-term performance across a career

Download the details of the MDM Brains Trust for Senior Women Leaders, which focusses on reducing the isolation inherent in senior leadership by providing space for commercially savvy women senior leaders to share challenges, engage in structured discussion on business and people issues, build strong connections and focus on professional development.

The Wellbeing Lab

Wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively as we navigate the natural highs and lows we all experience. There’s a good business case for focussing on the wellbeing of your people. Studies have found that when people have higher levels of wellbeing they are:

We work with our clients to make sure wellbeing practices are intelligently embedded into daily mindsets, behaviours, leadership approaches, operating rhythms, and ways of working together. All of our content is tailored to ensure we reflect the needs of your work environment.

To find out more about our practical, evidence-based programs, download the program brochure below.

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